BMW Carbon Fiber Performance V2 Spoiler (E/F/G Chassis)



Available Now!

This is the ORIGINAL V2 Spoiler!

This is the most aggressive carbon fiber rear deck spoiler available. You get high kick and outward length. I've noticed the OEM performance spoiler didn't cut it. It was great... until you realized you've made the car more aggressive than the spoiler. Now you need something to match all the upgrades you've done! Well, I introduce to you the Performance V2 spoiler.

Fitment is 10/10. Just slap on the double sided tape, and leave it overnight.Now you're able to choose whatever material you like on your spoiler as we have expanded our options out even more.

Please note the angle on the E90 is about 15 degrees lower due to the shape of the trunk. (Not as high kick as the E92)

Made with real carbon fiber.
Please use professional help for installs.
We recommend double sided tape and clamps to hold edges over night.