BMW 10-Piece Control Arm Kit - Lemforder E9X10PIECECAKITL



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Qty Part SKU Brand Price
1 Suspension Control Arm LEM-3033801 Lemforder logo $59.99
1 Suspension Control Arm LEM-3034001 Lemforder logo $59.99
1 Suspension Control Arm LEM-3033201 Lemforder logo $86.99
1 Suspension Control Arm LEM-3033301 Lemforder logo $84.99
1 Steering Tie Rod Assembly LEM-2942101 Lemforder logo $56.99
1 Steering Tie Rod Assembly LEM-2942201 Lemforder logo $57.99
1 Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link LEM-3536401 Lemforder logo $21.99
1 Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link LEM-3536501 Lemforder logo $21.89
2 Rack and Pinion Bellow Kit LEM-3363101 Lemforder logo $15.58

Product Information

10 piece control arm kit includes Lemforder tensions struts, lower wishbones, sway bar links, tie rod assemblies, and steering rack boots

This control arm kit features Lemforder components which have been expertly sourced by FCP. It's a full repair solution for the front suspension of your E90, E91, E92, E92 rear wheel drive 3-series that is ideal for enthusiasts looking to maintain their BMW with OEM components. This kit also includes replacement sway bar links, tie rod assemblies and steering rack boots to further improve the performance of your front suspension.

We recommend replacing all of your components if you have in excess of 80K miles and still have original components. We also encourage that you replace your control arm components if you are experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Popping, clunking, or clicking sounds while traveling over bumps or dips in the road
  • A disconnected feeling between the steering wheel and front end of the car
  • Vehicle is slow to respond to steering inputs
  • Vehicle wanders on the highway or will not drive straight
  • Vehicle cannot be aligned properly due to play in front suspension

About Lemforder

LEMFÖRDER is the No.1 brand in original equipment steering and chassis components. As a trusted partner of over 50 vehicle manufacturers worldwide LEMFÖRDER is a leader in the development of innovative passenger car, motorcycle, HCV and off-road chassis technology. Lemforder is a quality innovator in the fields of steering and suspension system parts and is often the OE (original equipment) of suspension parts for car brands including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and more. Founded in Lemförde near Bremen, LEMFÖRDER still engineers over 90% of its parts in Germany.

As part of a global organization, LEMFÖRDER follows the footprints of the automotive industry and has production and engineering sites all over the world. Each LEMFÖRDER part is rigorously tested before entering the market. For over 70 years LEMFÖRDER has been known for its pioneering spirit and passion for detail – setting the highest standards in steering and suspension. As an OE supplier to vehicle manufacturers for decades, LEMFÖRDER has a reputation for developing products that are perfectly suited to the overall vehicle system.