BMW 5W30 Oil Change Kit - 11427953129KT3

Liqui Moly


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It's critical to change your engine oil often to ensure proper lubrication at all times and to avoid sludge build up. The proper service intervals that we recommend is 5k miles.


This oil change kit features a Mann oil filter kit with filter element, drain plug crush washer, and filter housing gaskets along with 7 liters of LL-01 Liqui Moly 5W30 synthetic oil. If you wish to purchase a drain plug they are available separately HERE

WARNING: Proposition 65 information

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LIQUI MOLY offers the matching motor oil for every vehicle in the world. Liqui Moly engine oils have a variety of approvals by German and overseas car manufacturers or fulfill the requirements of the producers. And, even here, there are still differences: A manufacturer approval means that the oil fulfills certain minimum requirements. But Liqui Moly goes beyond those requirements and develop oils that, for example, have a higher cleaning performance than what is required by the manufacturer.

The fact that Liqui Moly products shine, and, with a high level of innovation, deliver what they promise, is confirmed again and again by independent testing institutions, in which we regularly pass with flying colors. Approvals by the automotive industry and the fulfilling of the highest specifications are also a matter of course.