BMW Direct Ignition Coil - Delphi 12138616153

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OE Numbers

12138616153, 12137594937, 12137594938, 12131712219, 12130390064, 12130148594, 12137575010

MFG Numbers

GN1057112B1, GN1057111B1

Product Information

OEM replacement direct ignition coil

Your BMW's direct ignition coil provides the power in order for your spark plug to "spark". If your BMW is suffering from a misfire issue it is likely due to a worn ignition coil or bad spark plug. One way to test for a bad ignition coil is to swap the ignition coils and see if the misfire follows the suspected bad ignition coil.

We also recommend using dielectric grease when installing new ignition coils. It will protect the spark plug boot and create a water/dust tight seal. Great for added ignition performance.

Please note: On N55 powered vehicles moisture can enter the spark plug shafts due to the design of the cylinder head cover. This can cause corrosion to form on the metal heat shields. This corrosion does not affect performance of the ignition coil and replacement is not required. Please see BMW service bulletin SIB 121515 for more information.

WARNING: Proposition 65 information
Direct Ignition Coil

Direct ignition coils are located directly over the top of the spark plug. In this ignition setup there is one ignition coil per spark plug and there are no spark plug wires. This ignition setup is often referred to as a coil on plug ignition system.

Coil on plug or direct ignition systems are pretty much used on all modern cars due to packaging, performance, emissions, and maintenance reasons. This ignition system is essentially maintenance free with the exception of spark plug replacements and the occasional coil replacement when compared to a traditional ignition system.

Direct Ignition Coil Failure Symptoms
  • Reduced fuel efficiency
  • Reduced power output
  • Misfires

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