BMW GA6HP19Z Automatic Transmission Service Kit - 24152333907KT1

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1 Auto Trans Fill Plug ZFS-0501321922 Zf logo $5.99
24 Auto Trans Oil Pan Bolt ZFS-0736300795 Zf logo $28.56
1 Auto Trans Oil Pan and Filter Kit ZFS-0501220297 Zf logo $66.00
7 Auto Trans Fluid ZFS-S671090255 Zf logo $103.53

Product Information

Everything you need to properly service your BMW's ZF GA6HP19Z transmission

You are driving around on a ticking time bomb if you have not serviced your BMW's automatic transmission. While BMW advertises lifetime fills the reality is there is no such thing as a lifetime fill in anything. Just like your BMW's engine, your transmission relies on its oil fill for cooling and lubrication. You certainly wouldn't drive your engine for a lifetime on an oil fill, so why would you do so with your transmission?

Not only will servicing your transmission increase its service life but it will also ensure that it continues to perform its best. Signs that your transmission can benefit from a drain and fill service include laggy shifts, sloppy shifts, or extra loud operation.

This kit is designed to perform a basic drain and fill service which will remove old transmission fluid sitting in the oil pan and filter. It will not remove automatic transmission fluid from the torque converter like a transmission flush machine would. We do not recommend using a flush machine on these transmissions as a flush service can easily damage the transmission if performed improperly. A drain and fill service is the safest transmission service you can perform.

ZF has a recommended service interval of 80,000km (50,000,miles) or 8 years, whichever comes first, for all 6HP transmissions.

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