BMW Spark Plug Kit (Set of 6) - SILZKBR8D8SKT



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Spark plugs are an often overlooked maintenance item on most cars. As spark plugs fire, they wear down their electrodes. This wear accumulates over a long enough time that the spark plug gap increases to the point of inefficiency. When this occurs poor performance, lack of power and drivability is decreased. The fuel economy is also likely to suffer. Spark plug replacement is the cheapest and simplest replacement you can do to restore power to your BMW.

About NGK

NGK is a world leader in spark plug technology. You will find NGK spark plugs in nearly every vehicle application, from high performance racing cars to glow plugs for heavy-duty diesel engines to street vehicles from the world's leading automotive manufacturers. NGK products offer a blend of superior performance characteristics at various price points to match your application and budget.