BMW Triple Baffled Power Steering Reservoir E-Series

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BMW expansion tanks are known to make a huge mess via the vent hole in the expansion tank cap; when compounded by high-failure lines/hoses, the power steering system quickly becomes dirty and unsightly. Leak sources are difficult to identify due to the power steering fluid film all over the system.

Eliminate the grimy, leaky, factory BMW power steering expansion tank with a beautiful aluminum component. Our Turner triple baffled reservoir allows you to fix the downfalls of the factory BMW power steering expansion tank without losing that factory feel. 

Factory-fit with both hoses and bracket. Additional cooling capacity of 0.45L will increase fluid thermal carrying capacity before overheating. Adapters where necessary to ensure reservoir will work with to-be-designed AN hose kits as well as factory hoses. Add-on, in-line valves to allow for easy flushing of power steering fluid.

  • Features

    • Eliminates the leaky factory BMW reservoir and replaces it with a billet aluminum component.

    • Compatible with factory hoses and factory bracket.

  • Design:

    • Internal mesh filter

      • Filter element is removeable in order to clean and service if needed.

    • Internal baffles to remove bubbles caused by pump cavitation

    • Aluminum construction