BMW Turbocharger Oil Line Kit - 11427562798KT

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1 Turbocharger Oil Line CRP-TFP0340 Crp logo $73.00
1 Turbocharger Oil Line GAT-TL159 Gates logo $78.00
2 Turbocharger Oil Line Gasket REI-703687600 Reinz logo $1.58
1 Turbocharger Oil Line CRP-TFP0399 Rein logo $37.99
1 Turbocharger Oil Line CRP-TRP0313 Rein logo $51.00

Product Information

This basic kit includes the turbocharger oil feed and oil return lines. In some cases, the oil lines have been known to be a leak point but the turbos themselves are okay. When this happens it's ideal to replace the feed and return lines before an oil starvation problem can occur which can prematurely shorten the turbo life.

FCP Euro recommends changing the oil at the same time as replacing the turbo feed and return lines.

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