BMW Water Pump Replacement Kit - 11517632426KT



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This convenient kit was put together to replace your electric water pump and thermostat with items needed for a complete install. The OEM parts in this kit reduce risk of part failure and also guarantees that the parts will install/function perfectly just like the original. The proper operation of your thermostat and water pump is vital to keep your engine running cool and efficient. This kit is specific for N54 engines commonly found in late model 3-Series and 5-Series BMWs.

Please note: The cooling system bleed procedure is slightly different as it's a "self-bleeding system". In order to start the self bleeding procedure FCP first recommends hooking the battery up to a battery charger as the process will take 12 minutes to complete. Switch the ignition on but do not start the car. Set heater to maximum temperature and turn blower speed to lowest setting. Press accelerator pedal for 10 seconds to the floor (the engine must not be started). The bleeding procedure will start after 10 seconds. To confirm you should be able to hear the electric water pump. After 12 minutes the water pump will turn off and the bleeding procedure is complete. Top up reservoir if low.