Bootmod3 BMW Flash Tune Kit – F-series and G-series (N20/N26/N55/S55/B46/B48/B58/S58/)



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Bootmod3 by Protuning Freaks is the best BMW tuning platform that combines intuitive user-friendly design with unrivaled performance. Protuning Freaks are industry leading experts in BMW tuning!

Some of the map features provided:

– Top speed limiter removal

– Higher rev limiter

– Exhaust burble

– Cold start cat heat cycle and cat efficiency check removed (for off-road use)

– E85/blend, race gas and meth injection tuning

– Custom Throttle mapping

– Backend Flash maps for use with piggybacks such as the JB4

*** OBD ENET cable included

*** bootmod3 OBD WiFi Agent device is not required to use the bootmod3 platform. It is a convenience option that removes the need for using a laptop in the car when using bootmod3’s features. If you’re looking to simply load a tune on the car without much datalogging and monitoring then using your laptop is the ticket for you.

 For more info take a look at the FAQ here!


nPRO TUNING FREAKS & CTS Turbo makes no guarantees to the legality of any parts used for “road use” and accepts no responsibility for compliance with the vehicle’s factory warranty.