ColoradoN5X B58 B48 B46 S58 Ignition Coil



Only 12 left!


ColoradoN5X Is Proud to Announce The Release of our OE Replacement Ignition Coils for the B58/B36/B38/B46/B48/S58, Engines.

Priced Competitively For The Benefit Of Our Customers.

Optioned In Red or Blue, these coils will not only replace your tired OEM Ignition Coils. But will also clean up your engine bay by adding some more Color! (Especially those of us with Aftermarket Parts That Require the Removal of the Engine Cover)

These Coils Will Perform Similarly to Factory Units Without Change

For Optimal Energy Output a Dwell Time Of 3.7ms Is Recommended

OEM Part Numbers: (Eldor Ignition coil) 12138643360, 12138678438, 12138647463, 12137619385