BMW E9x/E8x T-Map Extension Harness BMW E9x/E8x

Precision Raceworks SKU: 201-0133


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The Precision Raceworks BMW E9x/E8x  T-Map Extension Harness is an excellent way for extending the length of your existing harness for the charge pipe T-Map sensor without having to cut and splice any wires. 

Additionally this harness adapts your OEM map sensor wire to a 3.5 bar map sensor connector.  An absolute must for our Forward Facing Manifold and Charge Pipe from our company or any other company offering a pipe that relocates the map sensor resulting in the need to extend the harness.


Weight: 0.05 lbs

Length: 30.75in

Connector: OE quality Injection Molded

Connector Type1: Male end connects to OE harness for MAP sensor

Connector Type2: Female connector for 3.5bar MAP sensor