7.5" Racing Intercooler FMIC N54

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• Gain up to 42whp/39wtq

• 1,155 Cubic Inches

• 270% Bigger Than Stock

• ULTRA-Sense Fin Pack

• Includes Lower Charge Pipe Upgrade


At 1,155 cubic inches and capable of supporting over 1,000whp the ARM Motorsports 1K FMIC is the ultimate intercooler upgrade for your E-Series BMW. The ARM 1K FMIC is designed to work with upgraded twin turbo and big single turbo builds.



The foundation of the ARM 1K FMIC is it's massive core with a volume of 1,155cu in. Measuring in at 20"x11"x7.5" it is 270% bigger than the stock intercooler and one of the largest FMIC's available for the E-Series BMW.

Size does matter, but it's not the whole story. Which is why the ARM 1K FMIC utilizes an ultra-dense fin pack of 20 fins per inch to maximize the volume of it's huge core.

Combine the over-sized core with the ultra-dense fin packs of the 1K FMIC and you have one of the best performing intercoolers available for the E-Series BMW.

The ARM 1K FMIC end-tanks are designed with smooth transitions and geometry to improve airflow and maximize power. The end-tanks feature 3" inlet and outlet ports with fluid transitions from the turbos and to the charge pipe to minimize turbulence.

The ARM 1K FMIC features a cast fin integrated into the inlet port to distribute the charge air more uniformly over the turbo-side of the intercooler core.



• Lower Charge Pipe Upgrade

• Clamps

• Mounting Hardware