BMW EU5 Fuel Injector - Bosch 0261500109

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Replacement high pressure fuel injector, includes sealing o-ring, this is an EU5 injector, please verify your BMW's injector EU# before ordering

All new turbocharged BMW engines use a direct fuel injection system which directly injects fuel into the combustion chamber. This differs from a port injection system which injects fuel into the intake side of the engine through the intake manifold. Direct injection fuel systems operate at significantly higher pressure than a conventional port injection fuel system. Due to the design, the engine really relies heavily on a properly operating fuel system. If your BMW is suffering from misfires or has a rough idle it can be due to faulty fuel injectors.

Also replace decoupling element 13537577649 when installing new fuel injector.

Note: Per BMW service bulletin SI B13 03 15 the injectors in the vehicle may not match with what is listed in the BMW ETK. Identify the injector installed in the vehicle using ISTAD 4.04 or later test plan using the following path:

Vehicle management - Service Functions - Powertrain - Engine Electronics - Injector Determination

Test plan will state, "this engine required EU# injectors". This fuel injector is for vehicles with an EU5 designation and will not work on a vehicle with a different designation. On N55 powered vehicles this injector is used on vehicles equipped with a Bosch high pressure pump.

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