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• Handles High Boost
• Dual Meth / Nitrous Bungs
• Complete with Hoses and Hardware
• Leak Free Seal

• 3" Construction


Why do you need to upgrade the N54 charge pipe for your 135/335i? The OEM BMW charge pipe is a ticking time bomb for any N54 135/335i running higher than stock boost. Its plastic design will adequately hold the boost on stock settings, but on tuned cars it is prone to bursting. In addition, the OEM diverter valves are another component not designed for high-boost and can leak boost, limiting the power your 135/335i can put down. Don't wait until yours breaks to upgrade this critical component of your N54!

The ARM Motorsports N54 charge pipe with the HKS flange is designed to handle the highest levels of boost. Constructed of T6061 aluminum, the ARM N54 135/335i HKS charge pipe connects to the throttle body using a precision CNC machined connection which is secured by the OEM metal C-Clip. It also includes an upgraded O-Ring for a secure and leak-free seal.


The ARM N54 HKS Charge Pipe is engineered to optimize airflow between the intercooler and the throttle body. To further increase the performance of your 135/335i, there are two hookups for either methanol or nitrous which come pre-capped. For reconnecting your factory TMAP sensor, there is a CNC machined flange for perfect fitment with new bolts to replace the course-threaded factory screws.

The ARM N54 HKS Charge Pipe has an integrated blow-off valve flange designed for the HKS BOV (BOV sold separately). Most importantly, it will ensure that all of your boost makes it into the engine to maximize power output from your 135/335i/xi. For those of you looking to retain the OEM Diverter Valves check out our N54 Charge Pipe with OEM DV's.

The design of this charge pipe will fit the stock intercooler or any aftermarket intercooler that bolts up to the stock charge pipe.


• ARM N54 Charge Pipe with flange for the HKS BOV

• Upgraded Throttle Body O-Ring
• Silicone Elbow
• Meth / Nitrous Plugs
• Hardware Kit