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• 2" Aluminum Construction
• Gain Up to 25whp
• Improved Low-End Torque
• T6061 Aluminum



The ARM N54 Turbo Outlets increase power on your N54 equipped BMW by improving airflow post-turbo.  This section of piping is enlarged on the ARM N54 Outlets to 2", and increase of 100% over the stock outlet size of 1".  This section of piping is critical as it is the first component of the charge-air system.

 N54 Turbo Outlets


 The ARM Motorsports N54 Turbo Outlets are comprised of T6061 aluminum for durability and long life.  They incorporate an enlarged OEM-style CNC machined V-band connection at the turbo for an easy installation that will connect to any OEM-style or upgraded turbos using the 2" OEM connection.   

N54 Turbo Outlets

The OEM N54 Outlets use a divorced piping design which separates the two channels of air coming from each turbo.  The ARM N54 Turbo Outlets improve airflow by merging the charged air from each turbo upstream, allowing them to combine before entering the FMIC. 

N54 Turbo Outlets

Joining the two sections of the ARM N54 Outlets is a 5-layer silicone coupler designed to prevent expansion on high-boost applications.  Securing the silicone coupler are two T-bolt clamps to ensure a solid connection that will not leak or come loose over time. 

N54 Turbo Outlets


• ARM N54 Turbo Outlets
• 2x O-rings
• 1x Silicone Coupler
• 2x Clamps