BMW Leather and Vinyl Interior Dye Kits

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Check the color code you desire and match it with the listing. If you do not see a color you currently desire, please contact us!
If your vinyl color has faded, it may not match identically. 

All kits will include:

  • Plastic dye (in desired size and color)
  • Prep cleaner
  • Adhesion primer
  • Top Coat (optional use)
  • Sponges, microfiber towel, gloves, and instruction manual.

Available in the following sizes:

Small 16 oz.
Medium 32 oz. 
Large 64 oz. 


  • Please be patient. Allow adequate time for drying process
  • Apply like it is paint. You want to leave a layer of color on the surface.
  • Do not use too much dye/top coat during a pass. You may get dark spots
  • Do not use excessive heat if drying manually. Please use a hair dryer with distance or on "cool" mode.
  • For best results, use a paint spray gun and do light even coat


Q: Will the dye stain my clothes?
A: With proper installation and dry time, absolutely not!! Please follow the instructions. 

Q: How much material do I need?
A: I would suggest 64 oz when in doubt. Please DO NOT apply too much dye to surface. It can cause peeling, because it will not allow the bottom layer(s) to cure.

Q: Will it match my current/existing color?
A: Yes! if your vinyl seem to be really worn or faded, it may not match entirely. But, it will be the OEM color match.

Q: Do I have to take out my interior?
A: You do not. You can work carefully with it inside the vehicle. Be sure to mask properly and be careful. 

Q: Will it work on other surfaces?
A: Yes, it can work on hard vinyl, and similar plastics.

Q: How is this applied?
A: The kit includes a sponge. You can also spray this onto your vinyl. I recommend spray (it comes out cleaner/faster). We do not recommend hand application with sponge.

Q: Can I buy more dye?
A: Yes, email us or order on our website.