Thor WiFi Adapter / MHD / xHP Adapters



Only 13 left!

While this is certainly functional, the user is limited by the length of the cable he or she purchased. Forget about setting your laptop on the workbench...slide that seat back, get cozy and don't you dare shake that cable...

Those days are over.

Enter the THOR OBDII WIFI dongle. 

This revolutionary little box is not only compatible with a host of tuning apps including XHP and THOR; but also completely functional with INPA, Tool32, NCSExpert, and WinkFP. Gone are the days of sitting in the driver's seat with your phone or laptop, now you can flash and code from the workbench or your couch if so choose. Clear a spot in the bottom of your toolbox for those amazon cables, you won't be needing them anymore. 


  • Reliable, strong WiFi signal
  • Faster flash-times, compared to standard OBD/INPA cable
  • Tested and proven to perform flawlessly and built to last


Supported Apps:

- ProTool by BimmerGeeks (Android)

- MHD Flasher (Android/IOS)

- xHP Flashtool (Andoid/IOS)


BimmerSense Wifi now available on! Connect to your F-Series / G Series without any cables. Monitor and charge your device at the same time.

Supports MHD, XHP, XDelete too! Just connect your Sense adapter into the OBDII port go into WiFi click “SenseWiFi” and type in the password sense123.


Works with F series and Supra vehicles.

- XDelete (Android/IOS)

- THOR - the M Flasher (iOS)


xHP Flashtool WiFi Adapter

The new xHP Flashtool WiFi adapter is fast and reliable. 

xHP Flashtool is the number 1 App for Tuning your BMW with 6/8-Speed Automatic or 7-Speed DCT-Transmission!

The xHP WiFi adapter is the required hardware to unlock the hidden potential of your automatic or dual-clutch transmission with xHP Gearbox Maps! 

Faster as DCAN Cable and compatible with most famous tuning Apps. The xHP WiFi Adapter is supported by the following apps :

xHP Flashtool: E-Series, F-Series, and G-Series.
xDelete: E-Series
MHD-Tuning: E-Series, F-Series (no B58 support), and G-Series
BimmerCode: E-Series
BimmerLink: E-Series
BimmerGeeks Pro-Tool: E-Series, F-Series