Xenon White DTM Style Square Horseshoe LED Halo Rings w/ Acrylic Covers For BMW F30 3 Series Halogen Headlights Angel Eye Retrofit

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There is a brand new BMW trend in town and that's the DTM style square bottom horseshoe shape LED halo rings that practically blew up the car world!

Introducing iJDMTOY's DTM style square bottom horseshoe shape LED halo rings directly inspired by the all new BMW F30 3 Series, F32 4 Series 4 and the F15 X5 's OEM LED angel eyes. These DTM style LED halo rings will give your Bimmer a super fresh and unique look. While this DTM style halo rings is super hot, they're still pretty rare at the moment, giving you a chance to be one of the first people to retrofit this look on your own BMW.

These LED halo rings are good for the BMW vehicles listed below:

BMW F30 320i 325i 328i 335i with halogen headlamps w/ reflective housing (WILL NOT FIT xenon HID headlamps)

Note: Installing this item will heavily involve modifications on your part. Retrofitting actions may include, but not limited to, baking open the headlamps, cutting, drilling, and adding additional brackets to mount the LED rings. We highly recommend getting this professionally installed, which may cost an additional fee.


  • For:BMW F30 3 Series with halogen headlamps w/ reflective housing (WILL NOT fit xenon HID headlights)
  • DTM style square bottom with a total of 4 pieces rings for low beam and high beam and made with high quality SMD LED lights
  • 2x brighter than the OEM BMW LED angel eyes with a 7000K xenon white color
  • Relay wiring harness included, allow you to do "fade on" "fade off" effect using remote or key